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Why Choose Over
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The Difference

When you’re looking to get heart surgery, you don’t go to the dentist. You seek out a specialist. Your payroll deserves the same level of specific expertise. That’s where we come in!

The chart above shows that offers the most features, including printed checks and direct deposits, weekly, monthly, and quarterly taxes and W-2s, check reconciliation, garnishments, tracking, benefit deductions, payroll reports, employee portal, job cost reporting, certified payroll reports, multi state, and automatic tax calculations based on address, lat/long than any other payroll service provider.

After 35+ years in the construction industry, we are well aware of the many complexities of payroll for construction companies and contractors. is fully equipped to handle construction-specific payroll needs.

Our team is fully equipped to help you handle you payroll needs without the headaches and looming risk of error that other payroll providers come with.

Top 3 Reasons to Switch to

1.    We Make Construction and Contractor Payroll Fast

If you’re sitting down with your payroll service program and setting aside the entire day for payroll processing, it’s time to switch over to Even with the complexities involved with our industry, payroll shouldn’t take more than 2-3 hours to complete. We produce certified payroll reports instantaneously, offer printed checks and direct deposit, produce automatic tax calculations, and more!

Getting your payroll done quickly has never been easier than with! Unlike the other guys, we’ll help you move onto your next duties, stress-free.

2.    We End Inaccurate Time Tracking and Tax Calculations

The accuracy of your time tracking is critical when payroll comes around.

It ensures employees are compensated fairly for all hours worked, including overtime and helps your company stay complaint with local and national labor laws.

Our accurate time tracking and tax calculation services prevent overpayments, underpayments, and help you stay on top of your project’s true costs through each pay period.

3.    We Keep You Compliant When Payroll Gets Complex

Compliance with wage laws, union wage rates, and properly accounting for fringe benefits is a major pain point for construction payroll.

Different projects often require various wage determinations, collective bargaining agreements, and fringe calculations that can get complex fast. Without software services that can handle these needs, your failure to comply can result in costly penalties and fines. helps alleviate your burdens by providing software specifically designed for the construction and contracting industry. Our payroll system automates complex calculations and keeps your projects in compliance while saving time and reducing the margin of error.

ConstructionPayroll.Com Meets Industry-Specific Needs brings your team our powerful yet easy-to-use payroll platform tailored to the unique payroll and business needs of construction.

Our software seamlessly integrates with popular time tracking apps to accurately capture labor hours each pay period. We help preserve secure and accurate payments to employees backed by our stringent security protocols.

Automated multi-state, multi-rate, and tax withholding calculations provide full compliance across multiple jurisdictions. With just a few clicks, you can generate detailed reports for certified payroll, job costing, labor distribution, and more.

Our employee self-service portal allows workers to view pay stubs, W-2s, and update personal information whenever it changes with no hassle.

What really sets us apart from the competition is our integrated CP Life Services offering that provides mental health services, and more for our clients. We understand that life can be tough beyond payroll in our industry, and are here to help keep your team going.

Top it all off with live customer support from our experienced payroll specialists whenever you need it. Our comprehensive solution enables construction and contracting businesses to efficiently manage payroll without letting it eat into core operations.

Contact us today to make the switch!