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Process payroll up to 20x faster with our payroll service.

For construction companies, payroll can be burdensome and frustrating. But with, the process is simple and streamlined.

How It Works

How It Works

Backed by 34 years of construction industry expertise, our full-service payroll solution is not only easy to set up, it’s designed specifically to address the unique challenges of paying construction workers.


With a host of features, is designed to make processing payroll easier, more streamlined, and less time-consuming. Learn more about the features and services below.

construction time clock

Construction Payroll TimeClock

Collect time wherever and however works best for your workers. offers flexible construction time tracking options, including our Construction Payroll TimeClock application which allows workers to clock time remotely while capturing the geolocation of the worker.

Payroll for Construction is designed to address the unique needs of construction business owners, with multi-state, multi-rate, and multi-trade wage calculation capabilities, flexible employee pay options, and ability to capture job costs, labor assignments, and worker compensation classifications with precision accuracy.

construction compliance

Full Compliance Capabilities

Avoid the compliance pitfalls of prevailing wage laws with’s enhanced compliance functionality – whether you need prevailing wage, union wage, or fringe benefit calculations with Certified Payroll Reporting (CPR), we can help.

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With our no-obligation guarantee, you can enter time, calculate payroll taxes, and compare with your current payroll processing to verify functionality and accuracy before you pay for our services.

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In construction projects, the right tools ensure the job gets done on time and under budget.  The same is true when it comes to paying your construction workers.