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Core Values

The AccuBuild OATH

Outward Mindset

Be flexible and see others as individuals with needs, wants, and desires, not as a means to an end. (we follow the golden rule).


Takes responsibility, owns mistakes, consistently meets commitments, and performs job responsibilities with excellence.


Operate with integrity and assume the best of others.


Focused on the greater good of the company. Here to serve, not be served (check your ego at the door!).

Meet Our Key Players

Josh Stearns

Josh Stearns


Tracy Briscoe

Tracy Briscoe


John Stearns

John Stearns

EVP - Sales & Marketing

Mike Stearns

Mike Stearns


Erika Canales

Erika Canales

Customer Success and Product Management Lead

Statement of Faith

At AccuBuild, we believe in living integrated lives that don’t separate our personal beliefs from who we are at work or in the community. The majority ownership at AccuBuild believes that Jesus Christ is the Most High God and the Savior of the World. Being followers of Jesus has a strong impact on our company culture and how we strive to treat others in the workplace.

At AccuBuild people from all beliefs, cultures, ethnicities, and backgrounds are welcome. While everyone is welcome, we highly recommend that each person who wants to work at AccuBuild review our core values to ensure they are values you can strive to live out in the workplace.

At AccuBuild, we hire, fire, and reward employees based on our core values. Everything from profit share to employee reviews and weekly meetings are centered around our core values. If these core values are in line with your convictions, then AccuBuild might be the right place for you.


Our History

ConstructionPayroll.com is a unique cloud-based, construction-specific payroll service brought to you by AccuBuild.

In 1987, AccuBuild Construction Software was founded and created by Mike Stearns out of a real need to bring an easy payroll solution to a not-so-easy industry. Since then, clients have been processing their payroll using the tools in AccuBuild Construction Software.

multistate payroll

With constant refining that can only come with the experience of time, AccuBuild’s payroll solution has helped thousands of Contractors pay their team & keep up with the ever-changing landscape that is construction payroll. But to say that we made Construction Payroll easy… That would be a hard sell. It isn’t easy, if it were, the larger payroll service companies would have figured out how to do it well… Things like Prevailing Wage, Union Certified, Local Taxes, Davis Bacon, etc., make it nearly impossible for a company to keep up with the ever-changing rules and regulations associated with Construction Payroll. We know this because the majority of our weekly support cases happen on Tuesday & Wednesday when most companies are processing payroll.

construction payroll

This forces construction companies to retain high-level staff to make sure their people are paid accurately and on time. And if that person leaves, contractors are left with the arduous task of finding someone who has construction payroll experience to keep their business going.

This is why AccuBuild’s CEO, Josh Stearns, has spent the last 3 years investing his time, money, and energy into developing the best Payroll Service for Construction Companies, ConstructionPayroll.com. Josh captured over 3 decades of payroll logic/experience from the groundwork laid by his father and commissioned our development partners to build a multi-tenant, web-based solution that is so easy to use, that anyone at a construction office can learn and begin processing in about 30 mins of training. But that isn’t where we stop…

The mission of AccuBuild & ConstructionPayroll.com is to “Improve the lives of those we serve.” We’ve been serving contractors since 1987, and we believe this new product and service will help construction companies process payroll up to 20X faster with more accuracy. And the best part about this? You don’t pay a cent until you process your first payroll. We will onboard, train, and go live with you free of charge until you are ready to process. We believe that much in this product.

Prevailing Wage for Construction

Paying Construction Employees is only the first step in the equation. Once that payroll is submitted, that is where the real work begins for most companies. Not to worry, the beauty of Constructionpayroll.com is that it isn’t only an easy-to-use payroll solution for the construction industry, it’s also a full payroll service that calculates and submits tax deposits on your behalf. It also calculates taxes at the GPS level using a highly sophisticated tax engine so you no longer have to worry if you’re under/overpaying on your taxes. 

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With our no-obligation guarantee, you can enter time, calculate payroll taxes, and compare with your current payroll processing to verify functionality and accuracy before processing your first live payroll.

Also, we don't do contracts! We're committed to earning your business every week.

Focus on Construction

Simpler Way to Manage Payroll

In construction projects, the right tools ensure the job gets done on time and under budget.  The same is true when it comes to paying your construction workers.