Preferred Partners

ExakTime, an Arcoro Product

The first step in paying employees accurately is tracking their hours. And the best way to do that is with ExakTime, an Arcoro Product. ExakTime is the construction industry’s trusted time tracking technology, offering a feature-rich solution including mobile app and rugged time clocks.

When you combine ExakTime and ConstructionPayroll.com you get the advantage of a full integration
between your time tracking and your payroll solution—no more downloading data into spreadsheets or keying in hours manually. Simply export weekly employee hours from ExakTime to ConstructionPayroll.com for seamless payroll processing.

Take the complexity and manual processes out of time tracking and payroll with ExakTime and ConstructionPayroll.com and ensure accuracy and compliance when paying employees.

If you are interested in becoming a Partner of ConstructionPayroll.com, please send an email to pp@constructionpayroll.com to apply.

Industry Partners

The Business to Business world is constantly evolving and changing. Because of this, it can be difficult to trust whether or not a business will operate with your best interests in mind. This is why ConstructionPayroll.com has developed a network of Industry Partners. Our Industry Partners align with our Company’s Core Values, so you can have peace of mind that your critical business issues will be given the attention and care they deserve.

Whorton Insurance Services
Since 1972, Whorton Insurance has helped Construction Companies with: Pay as you go Workers Comp, Commercial Auto, Employee Safety Plans, Group Health, HR Compliance, OSHA Compliance, Employee Manuals, and more…

Integration Partners

ConstructionPayroll.com’s API allows us to quickly integrate with other software products and services, making your life that much easier!