Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about our payroll software services…. provides payroll software tailored toward the nuances involved in expediting construction payroll. Here are the most common questions we hear about our construction payroll system.



Does track employee time? makes it easier than ever to accurately keep track of time in your payroll system through our time card worksheet import tool. You can keep your construction time tracking system and seamlessly upload your time via Excel to eliminate mistakes with manual data entry. We partner with many excellent time tracking tools including busybusy, Exaktime, and mJobTime.

Does offer multiple pay options for employees?

Yes, provides flexible employee pay options, including direct deposit, checks, and payroll cards to meet the diverse needs of construction workers.

Will integrate with my accounting software?

Yes, seamlessly integrates with existing timekeeping and accounting software via import/export integrations, ensuring a smooth payroll process without the need for manual data entry. We also have a direct API with Quickbooks Online.

Does handle tax calculations? offers comprehensive tax services, including GPS/job-based tax calculations for federal, state, and local taxes. Additionally, they provide professional tax services for filings, payments, and tax research and updates. State reciprocity agreements are also automatically tracked and calculated.

Does handle both W2 and 1099 employees and contractors?

Yes, supports both W2 employees and 1099 contractors, offering multi-state, multi-rate, union, prevailing wage, and certified payroll capabilities with ease.

What can do that Quickbooks Online cannot do? offers specialized features tailored to the construction industry, such as multi-state, multi-rate, and multi-trade wage calculation capabilities, as well as comprehensive tax services and robust construction reports, which may not be available in QuickBooks Online.

How is different from ADP and Gusto? stands out from ADP and other payroll providers by specializing in construction payroll, providing useful features such as certified payroll reports and the ability to handle union and prevailing wage payroll with ease. We also provide more efficient job-costing, quick expert support, and hassle-free implementation that won’t leave you hanging.

Can employees access their pay stub in the employee portal?

Employees can view pay stubs, W2s, enter time, access documents and receive care through CP Life Services.

Can handle certified payroll and prevailing wage jobs?

Yes, can handle certified payroll and prevailing wage requirements for construction projects.

Can handle union payroll and reporting?

Yes, can manage union payroll and reporting requirements, offering one-click construction reports for certified payroll, union, workers’ compensation, job cost, and custom reports.

Does provide payroll service outside the United States? does not currently offer payroll services outside the United States.

What is CP Life Services?

CP Life Services is a non-profit service offered through, providing practical, on-demand care for employees and their families through a partnership with TelaCoach, offering confidential support for various life situations, including marriage and family support, financial matters, mental health support, and more, at no cost to customers.