Our Payroll System Onboarding Process

If you’re a construction company, roofer, electrician, home builder or general contractor frustrated with using general payroll software that doesn’t fit your unique needs, we hear you at ConstructionPayroll.com.

Whether you have ADP, QuickBooks, or any other all-in-one payroll software, trying to conform to traditional payroll systems can be a nightmare. With multi-state, multi-rate, and multi-trade wage calculations, sub-par software will leave you spending too much time on payroll instead of your core business.

The good news is there’s a better way. ConstructionPayroll.com offers industry-specific payroll software built exclusively for construction payroll challenges businesses like yours face. From union and prevailing wage compliance to certified payroll reports in just a few clicks, our software has you covered.

Best of all, making the switch to our specialized payroll solution is a breeze with our hassle-free onboarding process. If you’ve been putting off switching from a general payroll provider because you dread the headaches of onboarding, we’re here to dispel the myths and show you how simple our payroll software onboarding is.

Simple Onboarding to Payroll Bliss

We offer a straightforward transition from your current payroll software to our full-service payroll solution. Our white-glove setup process is designed to have you up and running quickly with zero disruptions to your business.

Here are the easy steps to transition to ConstructionPayroll.com and enjoy the benefits of our stress-free payroll solution.

1. Data Discovery

We start with a data discovery process that involves a melding of your team and ours. All you have to do is provide us with the reports from your current system you’ve used over the years.

From there, our team will carefully analyze and map out all the details into a custom payroll configuration template tailored specifically to your company’s needs. This template essentially becomes the roadmap for seamlessly replicating your existing payroll setup within our software.

This data discovery phase allows us to gather a holistic understanding of your payroll DNA. We’ll ensure our software is properly configured down to the smallest detail to mirror your current state. No payroll complexities are overlooked.

2. Load

After completing the initial data discovery phase, we move into the master data migration stage. This is where the heavy lifting happens to get all of your core payroll data transferred over to ConstructionPayroll.com’s system. However, you won’t have to lift a finger during this process. Our CP Success Team handles everything seamlessly behind the scenes using the reports provided from your previous system during the data discovery phase.

We’ll load all of the master data files containing information critical to your payroll operations. This includes details such as employee records, current job sites, unions, prevailing wage rates, workers’ compensation codes, certified payroll requirements, and payroll-related general ledger accounts. No piece of data is too small or too large for us to migrate accurately.

Our team will meticulously map each data element to the corresponding fields within our software’s database tables. This ensures all your master data is populated correctly from day one.

While this master data migration is underway, you can rest easy and have full confidence in our team. We understand how critical this core data is, which is why we take a white-glove approach with rigorous checks and balances. Our goal is to have your complete payroll DNA replicated to perfection before going live.

3. Test & Verify

Our CP Success Team goes above and beyond to ensure an accurate and seamless transition of your data. We don’t just load your information into our system and hope for the best. We perform multiple rigorous validity checks on your company’s datasets at every integration point to validate accuracy and completeness.

By taking these extra precautionary steps, you can have complete peace of mind knowing your payroll will process accurately and compliantly from day one without any missed steps or surprises. Our team’s deep domain expertise in construction payroll allows us to meticulously examine all areas that are unique to your industry.

4. Train & Go Live

Users and our CP Success Team once again join forces to gain complete access to ConstructionPayroll.com. Once your team has access, you can trust us to step in and train you to make the most of your new “forever” payroll solution. Once you’ve completed your training, you’ll  know everything you need to know about successfully using ConstructionPayroll.com. You can go live and begin processing payroll with ease!

Take Advantage of Our Construction Payroll Expertise

With over 3 decades specializing in construction payroll, our software is tailored to the distinct requirements and nuances of the industry. We deeply understand the challenges of dealing with multi-state taxes, fringe calculations, certified payroll reports and more. ConstructionPayroll.com eliminates the hassle while ensuring full compliance and easier payroll periods.

Now that you understand how simple it is to make the switch with our hassle-free onboarding process, why wait? Say goodbye to payroll headaches from all-in-one software and request your free consultation today!

Our experts are ready to guide you through every step to get you up and running quickly with the ideal construction payroll solution.