The Best Way to Pay Construction Workers with ConstructionPayroll.com

When running a construction company, it’s vital that you know the most efficient way(s) to run your business. For many construction companies, figuring out how to pay construction workers can be a real headache, and actually running payroll can be burdensome and frustrating. What’s the best way to streamline this process, free up more time for you to use elsewhere within the business, but still give you the utmost in control through custom reporting and extensive data? ConstructionPayroll.com! 

ConstructionPayroll.com is a cloud-based, and industry-specific payroll solution built specifically for the construction business owner. Over our 35 years of construction-specific payroll experience, we’ve met countless construction company owners citing confusing tax laws, burdensome compliance and reporting requirements, inefficient data processes, and the need for multiple business information systems to just simply pay construction workers. 

ConstructionPayroll.com makes it easy to collect time, calculate taxes, and pay construction workers with ease – but that’s just scratching the surface of what our platform can do. 

ConstructionPayroll.com Features

With an extensive suite of functionalities, ConstructionPayroll.com is designed to make processing payroll easier, more streamlined, and less time-consuming:

Time Collection

ConstructionPayroll.com offers flexible construction time tracking options, including our Construction Payroll TimeClock application which allows workers to clock time remotely while capturing the geolocation of the worker. Or use your own time collecting software, and we’ll import that time directly into our Time Card Worksheet. We integrate with all of the major time collection systems designed for Contractors, so no need to change what your employees are familiar with using.

Running Payroll

Completing construction payroll means accounting for employees that may be working in multiple states, at multiple and variable rates, and paid on more than one pay frequency – to name just a few of the complicating factors. 

But ConstructionPayroll.com is designed specifically to handle these unique and complex demands and make your construction payroll process as simple and streamlined as possible.

Compliance Capabilities

Avoid the compliance pitfalls of prevailing wage laws with our robust compliance functionalities – whether you need prevailing wage, union wage, or fringe benefit calculations with Certified Payroll Reporting (CPR), our platform can help. 

Tax Calculation and Reporting

With ConstructionPayroll.com, taxes are calculated automatically for each employee, and withholdings and payments are completed from within our platform.

Extensive Analytics

ConstructionPayroll.com’s comprehensive reporting capabilities allow you to review your company’s payroll data in the summary or detail format you prefer


Not ready to change financial systems? No problem! ConstructionPayroll.com’s architecture is designed to easily integrate with your existing accounting or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software.

If you’re looking for the best way to pay construction workers while streamlining the payroll process, ConstructionPayroll.com is the solution for you. If you’d like to see how our platform works, you can view a demo here! You can also take advantage of our Construction Payroll Needs assessment to see how your current payroll system is setting your business up for success.