online payroll software
online payroll software

Tax Calculation & Reporting

Taxes are among the more complicated parts of payroll and accounting for construction companies. Payroll taxes must be properly and accurately filed, which means they must also be calculated by location at the state, federal, and local levels for each employee. What’s more, failing to accurately calculate and pay these taxes leads to some of the most expensive tax penalties. The best way to ensure your workers are paid accurately and that your business is protected from these penalties is to utilize an online payroll software that handles all of these components and more. 

With’s full-service online payroll software, taxes are calculated automatically for each employee, and withholdings and payments are completed from within our platform. Our suite of tax services includes:

  • Tax calculation based on GPS enabled job site location capture 
  • Regular tax deposits and return filings
  • W2/1099 preparation and mailing
  • Maintenance of filing and payment history records

To learn more about our software, get started now or watch our short demo video.

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