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Secure & Accurate Payments

In today’s interconnected world, secure construction payroll can be difficult to find and the threat of data breaches looms over individuals and organizations alike. What may begin as an innocuous email can quickly escalate into a nightmare scenario where unauthorized entities gain access to sensitive files and information; including any NACHA files you’ve downloaded for payroll.

NACHA Files can send your NACHA file directly to the bank from within the platform when you run payroll, eliminating the need for additional formatting or other manual adjustments that would require you to download it. By leveraging the latest encryption technologies, we prioritize the security and confidentiality of your payroll transactions, giving you peace of mind and secure construction payroll.

In comparison to other methods, such as manually creating and formatting files or relying on third-party intermediaries, our secure direct deposit option also minimizes the risk of human error that can occur during manual file preparation, reducing the potential for costly mistakes. We offer multiple secure employee payment options, including direct deposit, checks, and payroll cards. 

We make construction payroll safe and simple. Book a discovery meeting to learn more about how can protect your data while helping you process payroll up to 20x faster. 

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