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At, we believe that a streamlined payroll process isn’t just about numbers; it’s about improving the lives of the people behind them. That’s why we’ve crafted an online employee portal that goes beyond the paycheck. With this game-changing feature, your employees gain access to a world of convenience, support, and care.

In our online employee portal, employees can view pay stubs, and W2s, enter time*, access documents*, and receive care through CP Life Services*:

Pay Stubs and W2s: Say goodbye to endless inquiries about pay details. Our portal lets employees effortlessly access their pay stubs and W2s whenever they need, putting financial transparency at their fingertips.

Time Entry*: Empower your team to take charge of their hours. Our user-friendly interface allows employees to enter their work hours with precision, ensuring accuracy and accountability.

Document Access*: No more hunting for critical documents. Through our portal, important documents are just a click away, fostering efficient communication and reducing administrative hassles.

Caring for Your Team through CP Life Services*: We’re more than just payroll. We’re committed to enhancing the well-being of your staff. When your employees face challenges or added stress in their lives, our nonprofit partners with Corporate Chaplains of America to provide counseling support.

As advocates for “Improving the lives of those we serve,” we’re here to uplift your team beyond the office walls.

Experience the power of a payroll service that puts your people first. Let’s connect and discuss how can redefine payroll for your workforce.

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*Coming 2024

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