The Best Way to Calculate Construction Worker Pay –

Owning or operating a construction company comes with quite a few considerations and potential ways that you can go about things. That being said, choosing the optimal way to complete tasks and fulfill obligations can save you considerable headaches, time, and money. One of the most common pain points in the construction industry is processing payroll. While it may seem simple on the surface, actually running payroll can take a considerable amount of time. was built to make calculating construction worker pay and the associated taxes simple, and make actually paying your workers as easy as possible. 

The Best Way to Calculate Construction Worker Pay

Paying construction workers can be tough for a variety of reasons, whether that be the time collection process, calculating the proper taxes, or the actual running of weekly or bi-weekly payroll. was created to make paying construction workers as easy as possible, here’s how we accomplish that:

Worker Time Collection makes it easier than ever to accurately track time through our integrations with many popular time clocks including mJobTime, ExakTime, and more. Automating your time tracking provides quite a few additional benefits:

  • Time punch system that collects time in the field
  • Photo capture enabled
  • GPS coordinate capture enabled
  • Option for field supervisor level review prior to submission, OR
  • A web-based timecard entry application that works on phones, tablets, or desktop
  • Option for entry by individual or field supervisor
  • Enter time by the day, hour, job, location

Tax Calculation & Reporting

Payroll taxes must be properly and accurately filed, meaning they must also be calculated by location at the state, federal, and local levels for each individual employee. Also, failing to accurately calculate and pay these taxes can lead to some of the most expensive tax penalties. 

With’s full-service payroll software, taxes are calculated automatically for each employee, and withholdings and payments are completed from within our platform. Our suite of tax services includes:

  • Tax calculation based on gps enabled job site location capture 
  • Regular tax deposits and return filings
  • W2/1099 preparation and mailing
  • Maintenance of filing and payment history records

Running Payroll for Construction Companies

Completing payroll for construction companies means accounting for employees that may be working in multiple states, at multiple and variable rates, and paid on more than one pay frequency – to name just a few of the complicating factors. 

Our software includes complete functionality to handle all of the key variables in paying construction workers, including:

  • Multi-state, multi-rate, multi-class, and multi-frequency pay components
  • Job cost & labor assignment 
  • Workers Compensation assignment by job class code
  • Multiple employee payment options, including direct deposit, check, and payroll cards

The best part? Calculating construction worker pay barely scratches the surface of’s capabilities. Boasting a robust suite of services that includes compliance capabilities, diverse reporting, analytics, and customizable integration options, will make owning or operating a construction business easier than ever before. can save your business time, money, and the headaches of running payroll the conventional way, get a quote today!