Spring Cleaning Your Data – Correct Worker Hours

It’s that time of year again! You guessed it: spring cleaning. Spring cleaning isn’t just for your home, it’s a great time to refresh your digital spaces as well. For payroll professionals, no database could be more important to keep clean than your employee databaseAs a payroll specialist, your job is to pay and file things correctly and on time. Accomplishing this is made much easier when your data is clean and organized. Each week in April we will be talking about a different area of your database and how to keep it sparkling! Today let’s start with the dreaded timesheet.

Correct Worker Hours

A friendly reminder to employees to fill out those timesheets correctly and to submit them on time is never a bad idea. No one wants a reduced or delayed paycheck because work has to be redone at HR. Encourage employees to log their hours as they go and to review their timesheets for errors prior to submitting them. No one wants to be updating vital data last minute, potentially leading to delayed or incorrect payment. Email reminders about timesheet corrections can be lost in the shuffle but a timely SMS message from HR is less likely to go unnoticed by busy workers.

If unaddressed errors have been a historical issue with your employees, try sparking a change in culture by encouraging people to speak up sooner about timesheet errors when they see them. A great example of this is when General Motors launched their “Speak Up For Safety” campaign with their employees in an effort to remove real and imagined barriers between employees and leadership when issues needed to be addressed. In positively recognizing employees who came forward to address errors and concerns, GM fostered a company culture of responsibility, integrity, and follow-through.

In short, employees are more likely to come forward about errors if they are positively recognized for doing so rather than if their issue is perceived as an inconvenience. To read more about GM’s remarkably successful company culture campaign, click here

A Better Way

Accurate time tracking is key to completing payroll correctly and on time. For construction companies in particular, time collection is made more difficult by all the additional variables that come with construction work and tracking construction workers.

However, time collection for construction workers doesn’t have to be a headache. With ConstructionPayroll.com’s many powerful time clock integrations, construction time tracking has never been easier. Automating your time tracking benefits your business in a multitude of ways – from simplifying documentation of work time for employee payment to streamlining record-keeping for accounting. Many time clocks we work with include features such as:

  • Time punch system that collects time in the field
  • Photo capture enabled
  • GPS coordinate capture enabled
  • Option for field supervisor level review prior to submission, OR
  • A web-based timecard entry application that works on phones, tablets, or desktop
  • Option for entry by individual or field supervisor
  • Enter time by the day, hour, job, location

At The End Of The Day

Capturing worker time accurately the first time is essential. Keeping this kind of data clean is important for any payroll specialist but it is especially important for those dealing with construction payroll. There are many additional regulations placed on contractors and construction companies that make processing payroll complex, inefficient, and burdensome. ConstructionPayroll.com is designed to address the unique needs of construction business owners, with multi-state, multi-rate, and multi-trade wage calculation capabilities, flexible employee pay options, and the ability to capture job costs, labor assignments, and worker compensation classifications with precision and accuracy. 

Get a quote today and see for yourself how fast and easy construction payroll can be with ConstructionPayroll.com!