What You Need From a Time Tracking System for Construction

Accurate time tracking is key to completing payroll correctly and on time. For construction companies in particular, time collection is made more difficult by all the additional variables that come with construction work and tracking construction workers.

However, time collection for construction workers doesn’t have to be a headache. A robust construction time tracking system can streamline operations, improve productivity, and enhance project management. If you feel that your time collection has been suffering needless errors, it may be time to choose a better option. 

To help you choose a good solution, we’ve identified five impactful features that a good construction time tracking system should have.


What To Look For

  1. Robust Configurations

Look for a solution that provides prebuilt templates for popular construction software systems, easy configuration options for other systems, and API integrations with cloud-based platforms. Additionally, the ability to create custom integrations with in-house or obscure software systems is a plus. 

  1. Field User Interfaces

Choose a construction time tracking system that offers user-friendly field interfaces accessible on various devices such as desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. Field user interfaces allow construction crews to capture workplace data accurately and in real time. The system should support popular platforms like Android smartphones and iPhones, ensuring compatibility and ease of use for your workforce. Biometrics are increasingly useful as well. 

  1. Real-Time Notifications

Real-time notifications are perfect for staying informed about project progress and potential issues. An effective construction time tracking system should provide customizable real-time notifications. Ensure the system alerts you to critical events such as injuries, exceeded hours or budget, geofence violations, record approvals or unapprovals, and shift violations. 

  1. Overtime and Break Rule Automation

Overtime and break rule automation eliminate errors from inaccurate manual calculations. Facilitate more accurate job costing in real-time rather than waiting until payroll is processed. Look for solutions that offer flexibility in handling different rule sets based on factors like union regulations, contracts, job requirements, and municipality-specific rules. 

  1. Job Cost Features

Improve your bottom line by getting accurate data and field reports for better forecasting, budgets, and worker management. Look for job cost features that allow you to track everything by job, phase, cost code, or custom work breakdown structure. Additional features such as custom reports, clock-out questions, gate log processing, signature approvals, and injury tracking will also help with forecasting and management.


A Solution in mJobTime

Choosing a construction time tracking system with features like these helps eliminate manual timesheet process errors as well as expedite getting accurate information to your accounting and payroll systems. When it comes to meeting the essential features of a construction time tracking system, we’ve found mJobTime to be a fantastic solution. 

As a trusted partner, ConstructionPayroll.com integrates with mJobTime, combining its powerful time-tracking capabilities with our expertise in payroll management. Together, we provide construction companies with a comprehensive solution that can help streamline time-tracking and payroll processes, reduce errors, and achieve better cost control.

Update your time tracking system today with mJobTime by requesting a demo today!