Stay IRS Compliant and Avoid Back Tax Nightmares!

Losing a key employee can be really difficult for any business owner. Especially when that key employee helped keep your business IRS compliant and avoid back tax nightmares.

More and more we are hearing from our customers that they are losing key employees that have been with their business for 20+ years because they are moving on to their next job… retirement! When this happens, the business owner is left scrambling to find someone who is just like “Phyllis”. So you begin searching for your next “Phyllis” that understands your business needs just like your former “Phyllis” did… But it starts to feel a lot like searching for a needle in a haystack. 

We recently heard a story about a contractor who hired an office manager with some great accounting experience. She checked all the right boxes: 

  • Proficient in Excel
  • Organized
  • Experience with Payroll
  • AP & AR, etc. 

One thing she didn’t know was that she needed to make regular tax payments and deposits on behalf of the company to stay compliant with the IRS. The business owner had no idea they were behind on their tax payments until he was hit with a bill from the IRS for 7 million dollars in back taxes. Needless to say, she wasn’t the “Phyllis” he thought he was getting.

This is enough to keep anyone up at night. 

With, we can help you stay IRS compliant and avoid back tax nightmares, and take on the responsibility of making sure the same thing doesn’t happen to you… Or “Phyllis”

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