Precision and Flexibility – The Construction Payroll Difference

Collecting time for your construction workers can be a headache for those running payroll, and depending on your time collection system, it can be an annoyance for your workers, who may have to navigate completing complex and frustrating construction time cards. When it comes to paying your workers, it’s important you know that time collection was precise, and your workers have been tracking their time accurately.’s time collection functionalities make these potential headaches a thing of the past! Our software is designed to make every component of processing payroll easier, more streamlined, and less time-consuming! 

Time Collection with

Accurate time collection is essential for completing payroll correctly and on time. For construction companies, time collection is made more difficult by all the additional variables that come with construction work.

Automated Construction Time Cards makes it easier than ever to accurately track time through our many integrations with many popular time clocks including mJobTime, ExakTime, and more. Automating your business’ time tracking provides a host of additional benefits – from simplifying documentation of work time for employee payment to streamlining record-keeping for accounting:

  • Time punch system that collects time in the field
  • Photo capture enabled
  • GPS coordinate capture enabled
  • Option for field supervisor level review prior to submission, OR
  • A web-based timecard entry application that works on phones, tablets, or desktop
  • Option for entry by individual or field supervisor
  • Enter the time by the day, hour, job, location

Spend Less Time Tracking Time

Time collection for construction companies doesn’t have to be a headache! If you’re ready to make frustrated workers and outdated construction time cards a thing of the past, contact us for a free quote to see how our payroll software works

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