New Year, New Payroll Solution

Do you cringe when you see your weekly screen time report on your phone? Do you find yourself thinking, “Do I really spend this much time on these apps?” We’ve heard the same thing from construction companies and independent contractors when they realize how much time they’re spending on payroll processing each week. 

Based on our 35 years of experience in the construction industry, we’ve found that most construction companies and contractors spend 1-3 days per week processing payroll. That’s significant time spent on a recurring weekly task, time business owners would probably like to use elsewhere. What if we told you it could be done up to 20x times faster, cutting your time spent on payroll down to just a couple of hours a week? is designed to address the unique needs of construction business owners with these construction industry-specific features:

● Multi-state, multi-rate, and multi-trade wage calculation capabilities
● Flexible employee pay options
● Ability to capture job costs, labor assignments, and worker compensation classifications
● Prevailing wage, union wage, and/or fringe benefit calculations with Certified Payroll
Reporting (CPR)
● Tax calculations, payments, and reports to meet federal, state, and local requirements
● Customizable dashboards and a robust and flexible reporting engine
Integration ready systems that work with your existing accounting or Enterprise Resource
Planning (ERP) software

Start the new year off with a new payroll solution. With our no-obligation guarantee, it’s risk free! With our no-obligation guarantee, you can enter time, calculate payroll taxes, and compare with your current payroll processing to verify functionality and accuracy before processing your first live payroll. Also, we don’t do contracts! We’re committed to earning your business every week.

Not sure if it’s time to upgrade? Take our free Payroll Assessment to see if the time is right for a new payroll solution. Then book a meeting to see exactly how works!