Save Time and Lower Risk – Construction Payroll Tax Reporting Made Simple

Owning and/or operating a construction business is anything but simple, and time comes at a premium. Whether you’re actually running payroll, collecting time, reviewing reports, or, our focus today, calculating and withholding taxes for your workers, efficiency and precision are key. If any of these tasks are your responsibility, was created specifically for you! Our platform was built from the ground up to meet the construction industry’s many complexities with ease. is brought to you by the experts at AccuBuild, a team of professionals with 34 years of construction industry payroll experience.

Construction Payroll Tax Reporting

For those who run payroll for construction companies, tax calculation and reporting for workers can be a real pain point, made more complicated with more employees operating in different locations. addresses these potential challenges and makes paying your workers easier than ever. 

Payroll Taxes Made Easy

Calculating construction payroll taxes can take a substantial amount of time, and mistakes can be costly! Payroll taxes must be properly and accurately filed, which means they must also be calculated by location at the state, federal, and local levels for each employee. What’s more, failing to accurately calculate and pay these taxes leads to some of the most expensive tax penalties. 

Serving as a vital component of’s full-service payroll software, taxes are calculated automatically for each employee, and withholdings and payments are completed from within our platform. Our suite of tax services includes:

  • Tax calculation based on GPS enabled job site location capture 
  • Regular tax deposits and return filings
  • W2/1099 preparation and mailing
  • Maintenance of filing and payment history records

Ready to Save Time and Minimize Risk?

Are you ready to make taking care of payroll for construction workers as simple and straightforward as possible? We offer simple pricing based on the unique size and specific needs of your construction company. Take our brief assessment to see if your current payroll system is setting you up for success or contact us for a free quote and we’ll show you exactly how our software works