Construction Payroll – Much More Than Payroll Software

For Construction companies and those who operate them, payroll can be a burdensome and frustrating process. Doing your best to make a very general tool to serve the very specific needs of the construction industry can take additional time and will test your patience throughout the process. With, the process is precise, streamlined, and comprehensive. Our construction payroll software is backed by over 34 years of expertise in the construction industry, and we know how important your time is! Our software is incredibly easy to set up, and designed specifically to address the unique challenges of paying construction workers.

Construction Payroll – Built for You is designed to make processing payroll easier, more streamlined, and less time-consuming. Our key features were handpicked to serve the construction industry as comprehensively as possible: 

Worker Time Collection

Flexibility when it comes to worker time collection sets you, and everyone who works for you, up for success. Our software boasts flexible time collection options, including integrations with many popular time clocks including mJobTime, ExakTime, and more. That’s working smarter, not harder!

Payroll for Construction

Our industry-specific software was designed to meet the unique and complex needs of construction professionals. Whether you’re looking for construction payroll software that offers flexible employee pay options, and the ability to capture job costs, labor assignments, or worker compensation classifications, can do it all (and more) with precision and accuracy. 

Comprehensive Compliance Capabilities

Compliance may not be the first thing you think about when looking at payroll software options, but it should be a major factor! makes it easy to avoid the compliance pitfalls of prevailing wage and employment laws. We ensure that any changes in legislation are reflected immediately – so you can spend less time watching the news and more time focusing on growing your business. 

Tax Calculation and Reporting provides precise payroll tax calculations, payments, and reports to meet all applicable requirements. Our construction payroll software is as comprehensive as can be, including built-in oversight from our accounting professionals. is a unique tool that does much more than pay your workers, it gives you unprecedented control over your business and saves you time. Not sure if our software meets your company’s needs and workflow? Get a free quote today with no obligation to purchase – submit your information here and our team will be in touch with you as soon as possible!