Time Collection Tools Your Employees will Actually Use – Timecard App For Construction

When it comes to paying your employees and just running a construction company as a whole, accurate time collection is an absolute necessity. Beyond having time tracking capabilities, it’s vital that your company utilizes time tracking components that your employees will actually use. ConstructionPayroll.com boasts a robust suite of time tracking functionalities that will make both your and your employees’ workdays easier. 

Better Than A Standalone Timecard App for Construction Workers

Collect time wherever and however works best for you and your workers. ConstructionPayroll.com offers flexible construction time tracking options, including our Construction Payroll TimeClock application, a timecard app for construction that allows workers to clock time remotely while simultaneously capturing the geolocation of the worker. 

Automating your company’s time tracking provides many additional benefits – from simplifying documentation of work time for employee payment to streamlining record-keeping for accounting. 

ConstructionPayroll.com’s Time Tracking Functionalities:

  • Time punch system that collects time in the field
  • Photo capture enabled
  • GPS coordinate capture enabled
  • Option for field supervisor level review prior to submission, OR
  • A web-based timecard entry application that works on phone, tablet, or desktop
  • Option for entry by individual or field supervisor
  • Enter time by the day, hour, job, location

Collecting time and ensuring that employees are utilizing your time collection tools correctly doesn’t have to be a pain!

Learn more by watching our short demo video or take our Construction Payroll Needs assessment to see how your current payroll system is setting your business up for success! 

About The Team Behind ConstructionPayroll.com

The mission of ConstructionPayroll.com is to “Improve the lives of those we serve.” We’ve been serving Contractors since 1987, and we believe this new product and service will help Construction Companies process payroll up to 20X faster with more accuracy & compliance. And the best part about this? You don’t pay a cent until you process your first payroll. We will onboard, train, and go live with you free of charge until you are ready to process. We believe that much in this product. 

Let Constructionpayroll.com give you back your precious time, and give you peace of mind in the process.